7 health benefits of Rye

Gaining great popularity in present day because of its high nutritional value – rye (Secale cereale), is a

Juicing is for Everyone

Don’t be fooled into thinking juicing is only for the 100 pound mega trim hotty! At CIC, all
Gardening for healthy living

The Dachnik Movement

Over 100 years ago, the Dachnik Movement was started in Russia. Dachnik basically means gardener. In Russia, the
Starved Rock Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy

Emerging from the cold winter leaves us all craving the outdoors. I remember as a child living across
Laughter is Healing

Five Tips to Relaxation

Pause for perspective several times a day. Find a quiet place, shut your eyes and take several deep


Mediocrity: Ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding. A person of second rate ability or