The Freaking Out Controller

The Freaking Out Controller


Do you ever lose it and regret it later?

The ability to keep our cool when the heat turns up is a priceless skill to posses. I positively hate hurting others feelings and being unstable. When our buttons are being pushed and our pulse is racing on the verge of a complete melt down, how do we stop in our tracks, put the breaks on and regroup?

I can remember numerous times when I’ve lost my temper and said way more than I should have, or have had a massive fit where I pray no one saw my circus show (even though it was worthy of some sort of a prize.) Then my heart feels so heavy and sad for days, and I wish I had just zipped my lips up and let things just pass. In fact, at that point, it doesn’t even matter to me what started the confrontation. What matters is that I lost it and should not have.

How to Control Stress and Feel Better!

I think one of the largest culprits in this inability to keep our cool is the stress level we function at day in and day out. It weakens us so when we are faced with a spouse who is upset or cranky kids, our systems see it as a vent to let bottled up stress emerge. It’s dangerous not only to those we love, but it’s a good health and mental state killer. If you want to look old, tired and drained then stay on this train. If not, then let’s find a way to not take the turn to freaking out and travel a new route together.

We always have to get to the deep roots of what we have brewing inside. The pressure to make money, perform and keep up with the rat race around us – especially in America where everyone is media conditioned to posses more and more. We have to have all this crap and we have to work 24/7 to pay for it. What we need is leisure time to reflect on life, enjoy loved ones and enjoy all that we have already accomplished. It’s so sad to think about all those who stress out for years to make it happen, then retire and die from the havoc stress placed on them … and its over and out.

Was the price worth paying?

I personally feel so much pressure is unfairly placed on the men in our culture to be the bread winners. It is too much pressure for one back to bear. That pressure is also placed at times on women as well. We don’t have balance in our society, then we wonder why we are always on the verge of freaking out and breaking down.

Rather than stepping back for close evaluation of why we drive ourselves too hard, we clock out and simply give up. We often, just out of desperation, turn to pills, alcohol or isolation – you name it, we try it. We have to STOP! Pull back and focus on caring for ourselves so that our perspective of life can turn to what life is meant to truly be, which will be different for each one of us. Block out the side chatter and negativity that unfortunately surrounds us daily.

5 Things To Do to Handle stress:

  1. Clear the schedule of not mandatory thing to do.
  2. SLEEP, eat clean, healthy, whole foods, detox to cleanse the body and mind of build up.
  3. Step away from your usual crowd, if need be, to reevaluate your inner circle to be certain you want to be like those you surround yourself with because you will become them.After regular time on your own to heal, get around positive people when you want to be social. People with a mind set on all the awesome things this new year holds. Remember: Complain and remain, Positivity Propels Growth.
  4. Engage in as many good-for-you things that you can possibly do. I reassure you this step alone will heal your current state of confusion and high stress level that keep you on the edge if you’re losing it at every turn.
  5. Massage, facial, groom nails, condition hair, gym and  pure, clean food, water, positive people, read/educate, walk in the fresh air, ski, sports. EVERY good choice you make today to improve health erases a poor choice in your past that created your stressful state of mind.

Once you take the time to do some cleaning – the house within yourself you will be much more level headed and proud of yourself. Don’t feel a need to run with the pack any longer – get off the train. We will all have days that we find challenging even with investing in our health and growth. If its not your day, I strongly advise you to be okay with saying, “Sorry, I need some me time today” and simply avoid everybody so you don’t freak out on them or subject yourself to anything that you know is just too much for you to deal. We must respect others and give them space when needed. Don’t freak out and take offense. Don’t let the negative thoughts creep in like, “Oh, they’re mad at me, what did I do.” Learn to observe those around you and learn from their steps in the correct direction and take notes. Don’t fight it and rebel.

When we don’t take the time to step away and heal ourselves, we not only hurt others, we damage ourselves. It’s critical we take time and care for ourselves. In doing so, we care for those we love as well. If we don’t do that, and later find the damage to ourselves is not repairable, we will be so sorry. No way, don’t be sorry later for freak outs on loved ones or damage to our health and state of mind. Make the wise investments in your future today.