Juicing is for Everyone

Juicing is for Everyone

Don’t be fooled into thinking juicing is only for the 100 pound mega trim hotty! At CIC, all of our clients benefit significantly from juicing! The days when going raw and juicing was thought to be strictly a part of the groovy crystal collecting hippy era are over, though still loved. At CIC, our incredible clientele base of healthy individuals includes the mega massive men, who got the cutting edge above the competition, to the slender delicate flower type and all the in between. Our body type we owe to genetics, but the physique that best suits us is an individual decision we make and work to achieve. Weather you choose to run, lift heavy, do yoga or a combo of all you make your choice to work towards your healthy body. A tip, cross training is what we really love our clients to do! Despite body type and work out we choose, one of the most important elements is the critical need for the pure, organic form of liquid vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes! We are talking freshly pressed, raw pure juice!

Simple, yet effective healthy choices we can all make daily!

Do you know the average green juice power packs numerous grams of muscle building, brain strengthening power protein, vitamins and minerals? For instance, a cup of spinach contains 5.3 grams of protein. Toss 4 cups in to the juicer and that adds over 21 grams of protein to juice! Think about it, gorillas eat a predominantly fresh green diet of wild vegetation to support there 298-397 pound, exceptionally strong, physique. The average gorilla eats around 50 pounds of plant material per day. We are not saying to cut out the animal protein if you feel a need to consume, have at it, just go for the organic wild options that don’t contain poisonous  growth hormones, antibiotics and who knows what slew of man made chemicals pumped in to make the fast cash! But in addition to the portion of your diet that is animal protein, max out on the fruit and veggies. Eat your fruits and juice your greens! You will be amazed at the strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity they will power you with!

The variety of vegetables and fruits to juice is limitless, be creative and have fun!


I personally love to juice every morning a combo of:

  • One entire celery head (which includes several stalks); celery is highly nutritious and one of the most hydrating foods we can put into our bodies.
  • One good size bunch of kale; kale is the queen of greens, “a nutritional powerhouse” and filled with powerful antioxidants, get it in!
  • Two big green Granny Smith apples; apples are the world’s healthiest food. The potassium they contain is exceptional for our heart.
  • One or two entire lemons; they contain strong antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting powers.
  • A couple good size chunks of ginger; ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, and is anti-inflammatory.

To start your day off consuming a fresh juice like this will set the course of your entire day in a fantastic direction!

I reassure you that it will give you energy, focus and drive to be the best you can be all day. It will have a rippling affect of positive good health choices. This will stimulate you and will steer you away from any of the not so healthy choices you end up regretting when you don’t start your day off on the right track!