Dream Big! Miracles Can Happen!

Dream Big! Miracles Can Happen!

We need to welcome each new day expecting magnificent things to happen.

Each and everyone of us have miracles on the horizon–if only we can dream big and believe it is possible! Like attracts like. It is a law of nature, my dear friend. The sooner we adopt to this fact as a deep rooted belief, the sooner we can see our dreams come true. We become numb with the day in and day out obligations, that often we don’t even take notice of the small miracles around us! Our brain is stuck like super glue to the mistakes of the past, and frets of what the future holds. Get a grip on yourself! Do what makes you happy, because at the end of the day, when all is said and done, who’s there? YOU!


If you have heard it once, you have heard it twice, LIVE IN THE MOMENT, expecting your MIRACLE, because if you don’t, it ain’t happening.


[dt_highlight color=”orange”]Get out there, push with all your might to step up and care for yourself.[/dt_highlight]


Often times we dream too small and we expect too little. We all deserve the best. Our dear friend Jane Doyle  is coming out with her new book: Expect Your Miracle,  scheduled to be published the winter or 2013 – 2014. Jane believes in miracles, as each and everyone of us should, and has experienced miracle healing in her own life. Her book is a must read. It is a lovely collection of miraculous healing stories from exceptional people around the world, who have been courageous enough to believe, and therefor have received unimaginable transformation in there life. The stories contained in her book are meant to inspire others to redirect their thinking and actions so they can heal themselves. The more we expose ourselves to the positive, the more it puts us in the frame of mind that all things are possible.

If you have a miraculous story of healing and you would like to inspire others with, go to Jane’s website and tell your story! Jane will also be starting the YouHealYou events this October, which are designed to educate the community, shows us ways we can heal ourselves. Joining groups of like-minded people helps us grow. Getting around friends that lift you up, and encourage you like you do for them, is also key in reshaping our thinking! But we must develop an incredibly positive relationship with ourselves. Spend time out in the nature, walking and being grateful for all you have. That alone will open up the flood gate for so much more joy, happiness, love and, of course, miracles to come your way! When we believe, we receive!