The Dachnik Movement

The Dachnik Movement

Over 100 years ago, the Dachnik Movement was started in Russia. Dachnik basically means gardener. In Russia, the government gives families around 600 square meters of land where they grow almost all of their fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only are families allowed access to organic fresh produce, but they are also exposed to nature. Planting seeds and watering and caring for a garden improves our health both mentally and physically.  We discussed similar topics in our previous blog, Forest Therapy–and gardening is another incredible direction to take.

Most Dachnik followers live in the city and travel to their gardens on the weekends.

A small, single room cottage is built off to the side of garden which is called a Dacha. It’s nothing fancy – just a place to put gardening supplies and possibly a small table and chairs to take refuge from the sun with a cool drink on hot summer days.

You know as well as I do that our government is not going to give us a free plot of land to work with, but we are blessed in many ways others are not despite no given land. How can we learn from this? How can we recreate a Dachnik Movement in our local area? You see, just because we may live in the city and own no land, where there is a will there is a way. I have found numerous Community Gardens listed at: This offers a fantastic opportunity for us to get involved and grow our own produce, even if on a small scale. There are even several roof top garden options within the city! Possibly you know someone within the suburbs of your city that would love a little extra cash to rent enough space to at least get started? Please if any of you have ideas or land, don’t hesitate to comment on this blog. Another cool idea is to build growing boxes on your porch. Check out Raw Model for details and other valuable information.

If we can somehow, in some small way, try to implement the concept of Dachnik into our life’s, the benefits would be significant:

  • We will become more self-reliant.
  • We will reap the mental and health benefits of being in nature.
  • We will enjoy our very own organic produce.
  • We will have a fun little weekend get away.
  • We can create a like-minded community.

The list goes on and on. But most of all, by getting involved, we can make a difference in one another’s lives. The more time we spend in nature, the more peaceful we become. The more peaceful we are, the kinder we are to one another. By planting seeds of kindness, we ensure our future and that of those we love.  Go in the correct direction, closer to home, to what we know in our hearts to be right.