Razor Sharp Discipline

Razor Sharp Discipline

I think of where I would be this very moment if I had already fine tuned the skill of unwavering discipline! But from this moment on, it will be a part of my every waking moment!

This New Year, I will positively adopt razor sharp discipline into my life as a leading force that propels me to a level of perfection I’ve yet to experience. I will decide in advance what I will and will not engage in. I will commit to my New Years’ cleanse right now! And will not waver, no matter what force or craving comes before me. I will commit to healthy eating discipline.

The grater the force, the better opportunity I have to rise to the challenge and hang strong and committed. Every time I say “NO,” I am strengthened! There will always be a New Years’ celebration, birthday, trip, stress at work or home, or some crap excuse to be okay with accepting less than the best out of yourself.

Enough already!

There is no judgement. The wise thing to choose to do now, what they will be pleased with later is strive to a healthier life. There will be no more regrets. Every time I refuse to waver from my plan of attack to strive towards perfection, I set examples to those I team with daily! I set examples to all I love. May we dig deep, find strength we’ve never tapped into before and conquer! No matter what,  you need to step up to the plate and attack your goals to accomplish them! Please step aboard with me this new year and make your best happen. Everyday, do your best and I shall do the same.

If you feel empowered, respond to this blog with your written, in-stone commitments for 2014! If developing razor sharp self discipline diet and healthier life is where it’s at for you, then together we rise! If not, let us know where your heart leads you this new year and we can talk. Together we will shine like diamonds and never ever accept less than the very best out of ourselves again!

Happy New Year from CIC!