Essential oils- your guide to storage, dosage and usage!

Essential oils- your guide to storage, dosage and usage!

Essential oils are a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants. It is “essential” in the sense that it contains the characteristic fragrance of the plant that it is taken from.

Here we have gathered some useful info for the aromatherapy fans who wish to store, dose and efficiently use their essential oils…essential-oils-flower-environmental-essences-gem-elixirs-info-3

Storing your essential oils:

It is best to keep your essential oils in a dry and cool place. Best option would be storing them in your fridge as this cold environment will allow them to have longer life.

If you add 10% jojoba oil to your essential oil, it will prolong its shelf life as it will slow down the oxidation process which results in rancidity.

Adding vitamin E to your essential oil would also prolong the shelf life of your oil as this vitamin is an excellent antioxidant.

Dosing your essential oils:Herbal Essence Dropper

As you know, essential oils are highly concentrated and if we are not aware of the quantity we use in our mixtures, we could end up with bad aromatherapy experience. Below we have few examples of dosing your essential oils for various cosmetic purposes:

Massage oil: Mix 10 to 20 drops of essential oil with vegetable oil such as olive or sunflower oil
Aromatherapeutic bath: Mix 3 to 15 drops in the water
Intimate shower: 3 to 5 drops within a 33oz
Room freshener: 20 drops in 4oz
Mouthwash: 1 to 3 drops for a 1/4 glass of water
Hand or Foot bath: 10 drops within a 33oz of water
For cosmetic purposes such as making massage oils, hair and face masks and moisturizing lotions, it is best to mix your essential oil with a base oil. Base oils are vegetable oils rich in vitamin A, E and F. They sooth, nourish and nurture your skin and are an excellent cosmetic component.

Some of the most renowned and nourishing base oils are:

Almond oil- excellent for massage purposes
Apricot oil- suitable for making lotions and massage oils
Avocado oil- best used on dry skin, this rich and thick oil contains numerous nutritional vitamins
Cocoa oil- Its strong chocolatey smell could undermine the aroma of your essential oil, however it is an excellent thickener for lotions and face creams
Grapeseed oil- Light and scent-free, this oils is best-used on acne or oily skin
Macadamia oil-Light and an ideal base for facial and hair masks and moisturizers
Jojoba oil-Best effect when used on your scalp and hair
Wheat oil- thick and oily with high content of Vitamin B, A and E

How to combine your Base oil with your Essential oil: More is not better!

Combining more than 5 oils could lead to unpredictable results due to the complicated chemical reactions occurring when mixing the oils. The safest combination is a 2% solution which means 2 drops of essential oil within 100 drops of base oil (such as almond oil). Or more simply put- 10 to 12 essential oil drops on 1oz of base oil.

To sum up, in aromatherapy “The more the better” does not apply as excessive amounts of essential oil may lead to unpredictable allergic reactions.

Essential oil with orange peel
Below we have few ideas of combining your essential and base oils for different cosmetic and health purposes:

Oils for better sleep:
Lavender and sandal oils are the most relaxing oils on the market. Make a nice warm bath and before sleep and put few drops of lavender oil in it. You can also put a drop of the oil on your pillow and enjoy a nice long sleep.

Oils for morning energy:
In the morning, is advisable to use oils which stimulate your senses and energize you. Put few drops of basil, rosemary or citrus oil on the floor in your bathroom prior to taking your morning shower, and the aromatherapy will leave you loaded with energy for the day.

Hair masks

Oils fighting hair loss:
7 drops of juniper oil, 9 drops of lavender and 9 drops of rosemary make an excellent hair mask against hair fall

Shampoo with essential oils against hair loss:
For this recipe use a scent-free or baby shampoo. In 100ml of the shampoo add:
15 drops of jojoba oil
8 drops of carrot oil
7 drops of rosemary oil
7 drops of lavender oil
and 2 drops of tea tree


Please do keep in mind that you must not exceed the given amounts of oils as it may lead to skin irritation or allergies.

Happy mixing and aromatherapy !