Beware – Our minds can make or break us!

Beware – Our minds can make or break us!

To reach superior health we cannot overlook the critical role our minds play in overall good health. Just as we go to the gym to strengthen our bodies, we must expose our minds to extreme levels of positive input. By doing so overtime, when we allow our minds to drift, they will tend to be more positive, rather than negative. The fact is that we have been told to do this over and over again, it’s a rather simple concept, yet most of us do not guard our minds from negativity on a regular basis. Keep yourself in check! Should you be going along during the day and suddenly find yourself feeling blue or easily annoyed, stop and back track your thoughts over the past hour or so. If they are not uplifting thoughts of self improvement or things you have to be grateful for then realize the state your private inner thoughts are bringing you to.

We often get in life what we think about most, so focus on the good. Learn to live in the now. We don’t know what the next moment holds. That’s both the challenge of being in the now, and, actually, the true joy of it. Respond naturally to what arises in the flow of life without pretending to know what to do next or what will happen. Things always work out. The stress we cause ourselves by worrying and trying to figure it all out ages us and causes us to become more ill than we could ever imagine

Who do you look up to? Is there someone who you want to be more like? A motivational speaker who uplifts you? A friend you have who when with them they inspire you to be more? As said by one of my favorite motivational speakers, Joel Osteen, you cannot soar with the eagles when you are pecking around in the chicken coop with the chickens. Rise above and block the negative. Both your external factors and your internal negative talk! Caution – when your mind wanders where does it go? There are several things I have found to help my mind stay at a high frequency, positive state:

1. Get out into nature, fresh air and sunshine. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass.

2. Consume lots of raw organic produce. It is made up of tons of vitamins, minerals, sunshine and fresh air which will feed our body with energy from nature.

3. Exercise! We think of working out as a means of strengthening the body, but it does wonders for our mind. It can clear and reset our thinking patterns.

4. Get back into something you love like a hobby or a sport. Do you like to paint? Did you play baseball or tennis at one time? Start that hobby up again! When we do things we love, a drastic mental shift takes place. We get ourselves turned around and headed in the correct direction.

What have you all found to be helpful in keeping a positive frame of mind? As with anything, we need reminders to keep on track. Let’s all team together to be the best version of ourselves possible.