Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

It can be difficult to remain upbeat all the time. In case you come down with the winter blues, let’s prepare to fight back with a power packed arsenal. Winter officially started December 22, and fatigue, weight gain and cravings for sweet, starchy foods can creep up on us fast. But not this year!

There is much evidence that sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids greatly reduce chances of getting the blues. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D are a very good start. Take a daily multivitamin that contains vitamin B 6 (known to lift mood), thiamin and folic acid. St. Johns Wort is also a good mood booster, referred to long ago as God’s Grace or The Blessed Herb. Eat fresh water salmon and lots of brightly colored foods like fruit, vegetables and dark leafy greens. Put your Breville juicer, which so many frequenters at CIC currently use, to good use!

Taking time to juice and get in proper nutrition does so much for boosting our overall sense of well-being. Be certain to get in plenty of zzz’s—aim for eight hours of sleep each night, but do not over sleep! Keep consistent with your bed time and waking time to promote a normalized sleeping pattern. Without proper sleep, our bodies cannot repair and the blues will creep in.

It’s 2012! There’s no time to be blue. You must make it mandatory to act on your resolutions. Let’s brighten up! Make sure you have as much natural light as you possibly can come into your home. Put on your parka, have the proper winter gear to stay toasty outside! Gear up, no matter how cold it may be, and head out for a good walk. Even if it’s not the longest walk you have ever taken, just go for it! Staying active will boost your energy. See winter in a positive light and take advantage of the sports unique to the season, like ice skating or snowboarding. Don’t hibernate—be social! Neighbors, friends and family can add a lot of sparkle to life. Pick up the phone and invite them over.

Don’t forget how much the little things can lift our moods…fresh flowers, a little dark chocolate, warm drinks, hot soaks, lively music, sex, a little retail therapy, massage, facial, a nice occasional whiskey, a professional shave, or good movies to name some! Be creative and mix up your routine. Overall, enjoy life, avoid drama and expose yourself to strong, positive energy. Polish and perfect yourself and realize once and for all the future is within your control. Refuse to let a little run in with the blues to trip you up. Push on and concur!