Athletic Performance Skyrockets

Athletic Performance Skyrockets

Discipline, Dedication, Dynamic!

I want us to take a new direction; too often vanity plays the leading force in change. Yes we all should polish and perfect ourselves, but if the force behind us is athletic performance, in the end we win in all areas!

Soccer for HealthFirst of all, you may not know which sport is suitable and good for you and your health. You also have to take into account your strength and weaknesses. You want to be able to excel, reach goals and be driven to be the best you can be, so choose a sport your natural strengths will compliment! Do that while keeping in mind that practice is the mother of skill and you will succeed!

Call your city’s recreation board to find out the sporting options in your area! Finding a sport you love is a discovery for a life time. Getting in shape, making friends and creating a craving for athletic perfection will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. I’m a huge fan of getting outdoors, despite the season. But if the sport you choose is not available in the winter, research workouts and strength training for that sport and spend the winter at the gym to train so you are prepared for when it starts.

Years ago I participated in crew. I trained hard indoors over the winter and hit the season at the top of my game! I’m sure I’m not alone with my enjoyment of the Olympic Games—nothing motivates me more! There is no reason for us not to take on the mentality of an Olympian!

Find out what sport you are best suited for by taking a short psychological and aptitude test which was developed by an expert team of sports psychologists at Loughborough University.  It can be found here. The time has come to make it happen! Let us at CIC know how your search goes so that we can be motivated by one another!