Trick or Treat, What Do Our Kids Eat?

Trick or Treat, What Do Our Kids Eat?

Halloween is such a fun time for the kids, and, of course, we do not want to be so rigid with them that they are not allowed to occasionally enjoy treats. Just as with us, what matters most is what we feed our kids the majority of the time. We want our children to grow into strong, capable adults. We want to nourish their little bodies so that they can be smart and well accomplished, instilling in them the ability to make good, nutritious choices and follow in our footsteps—of course, unless all you eat is a bunch of junk!

Our children’s diet will make or break them when they are learning and acting like little sponges, trying to absorb so many new things. Researcher Weston Price foresaw the decline and degeneration of the human species all due to the toxic, processed diet that has been consumed over the past 80 years. His research has proven the devastating impact of our diet on all levels of human development. We must do all we can to protect our children.

Studies indicate that one in five children has some sort of mental, behavioral or emotional problem. It’s common to find kids consuming sugary cereals for breakfast, terrible school lunches, packaged foods that can last for months with no refrigeration, drinking tons of soft drinks—all of which are chocked full of manmade chemicals. It would be a very wise choice of us as parents to give our kids organic eggs, raw nuts, Omega 3, 6, and 9 oil, the healthy options that feed the brain what it desperately needs to properly develop so our kids can be prepared for many things in their life, like attend college.

Other healthy snack options include almond butter stuffed into celery stalks or on little whole grain crackers, fresh fruit with cool whip, raw vegetables with hummus, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, salad with olive oil and vinaigrette with sweet raisins mixed in, and organic chicken fingers dipped in honey mustard. There are several wonderful organic children snacks at stores such as Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Train kids to enjoy a variety of foods. For the entire family, you can get brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables, rich brown grains, organic lean meats, and plump fresh water fish!

So much of the western world is pushing our children towards toxic foods laced with artificial flavoring and preservatives, causing brain altering consequences. The good news is that we now have a choice to make for our children, which will reassure they are mentally healthy, by allowing only the highest quality foods to enter their little mouths as well as ours!

This Halloween season, try out some of CIC’s favorite picks for Halloween treats: Sunsweet Ones individually wrapped dried prunes, Trader Joe’s small individually packaged Raw Almonds, and Lara Bars. Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween from CIC!