Colonics & Digestive problems!

Colonics & Digestive problems!

If you’ve been putting up with digestion problems like irritable bowel syndrome or chronic constipation, there is a form of therapy out there you might not have tried. It’s called a colonic and it cleanses the colon in a way that a laxative cannot.

Patsy Riley has suffered from digestion problems for years. So every year for the past five years she has undergone colon hydrotherapy, also known as a colonic. At the office of Lillian B. Hollinger Inc., colonics are performed daily by colon hydroptherapists. This is a procedure that dates back thousands of years but has recently regained popularity. Hollinger says they may not solve the problem for everyone.

In Hollywood, some movie stars are swearing by frequent colonics as a weight loss tool. Dr. Homer Feree says that is not the right reason to get a colonic. Dr. Feree says it should start from the top, by eating a healthy fiber rich diet and drinking a lot of water. But there are certain cases when a colonic can be helpful.

The process of getting a colonic can be scary to those unfamiliar with the process. For Patsy Riley, she has learned that she is allergic to several foods by getting a colonic annually. She also says it is not an uncomfortable procedure. The procedure takes about an hour. If you have a colonic, it is recommended you take a probiotic every day for about two weeks. This could be in a pill form or you can get a probiotic yogurt such as Activia. Dr. Homer ferree suggests you incorporate probiotics into your diet anyway, especially if you have digestion issues.

Colonic side effects can include fatigue and even nausea but many patients claim to feel euphoric and have more energy. A colonic is about $80 per session and insurance does not currently cover the procedure. Dr. Feree recommends you talk to your doctor before getting a colonic.