Libbe – Colon Hydrotherapy

Chicago Internal Cleansing is pleased to announce we have added the Libbe device as a colonic treatment option!

The Libbe is an Open System, Gravity Centered Colonic. The specially designed Libbe allows you to easily insert a lubricated, small, single use disposable nozzle by yourself. A certified and experienced Colon Hydrotherapist will assist you in the comfort of a private room and will frequently check on you throughout treatment, though you have the option of as much privacy as you wish.

During treatment, a soothing flow of purified, temperature-regulated water gently flows into your colon, eliminating the accumulation of toxins and waste, therefore promoting a clean, healthy body!

Please refer to the FAQ’s page under “How is session administered?” to read specifics on our Closed Colonic treatment in order to learn the differences between our two colonic method options.

Please call us at 312-445-9569 if you have any questions about the Libbe device or would like to book an appointment to try it out for yourself.